I take my writing seriously, and depend on experts who help me make my books the strongest they can be. The marketplace is competitive, and there’s just no room for putting out a book that is less than my best.

I had the fortune of working with Beta Worlds on my newest horror novel, and, I have to say, I’m amazed at the professionalism and end-product. Never before have I seen this level of quality and detail from a beta read. Where most early readers will talk about characters, and plot points they liked and disliked, the key distinguishing component of Beta Worlds’ report was the level of detail, linkage, and phased assessment—something I’d never seen previously.

Beta Worlds provided me with an insightful synopsis of their findings right up front, followed by a detailed, chapter-by-chapter breakdown of their experiences as they read the work. What this did for me as a writer cannot be understated. I was able to understand the impression of the overall work before going through the detailed breakdown as it was experienced. This technique, which I’ve never seen anyone do, provided another, deeper, layer of feedback for me.

As the author, I was able to experience the readers evolution throughout the story, providing me with a transcendent feedback element, taking me deeper into the experience. This is a crucial piece of Beta Worlds’ services. Not only is it different than what other services provide, but it helped develop me as a writer—even before I handed the manuscript off to my editor.

With full confidence, I recommend Beta Worlds’ services. They provide what you, the artist, are looking for feedback on; they do so at great depth and detail, and are consummate professionals.

I’ll be using Beta Worlds for my next book. You can’t go wrong with Beta Worlds!

-Paul Sating

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