Libra’s Liberation

They say you can’t keep a good demon down, or should that be ‘bad’? Either way, it’s always fun following Zeke as he stumbles his way around the underworld battling the powers that be just as much as his own emotions.

Diary of a Madman

The world is on fire. Everywhere I look ordinary people are quite happy to fly their fascist flags, to stand tall ready to fight against the "millennials" that want... peace and equality. Yeah sounds kinda crazy when you put it like that, but sadly it's the only language the establishment understands. I'm sure all our …

Where Does Poetry Come From?

So I was on twitter a couple hours ago and I saw a post that said “Where does poetry come from?” Plenty of people had replied with the likes of “from the heart” or “in a kiss” etc; you know, all those deep and meaningful responses you’d expect from such a philosophical question.

In A Word…Serenity

They say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ so I've decided to challenge a few of my friends to see if they can paint the reader a picture in just one thousand words. The subject of this picture? A single word...


Mr Fetters has been going around town askin’ folk for the strangest of things. Maybe he’s gone mad after the death of his wife an’ all.