Libra’s Liberation

They say you can’t keep a good demon down, or should that be ‘bad’? Either way, it’s always fun following Zeke as he stumbles his way around the underworld battling the powers that be just as much as his own emotions.

Even being banished to the Isle of Dread, an inescapable island prison for the pariah’s and political prisoners of Hell’s Council, he and his inseparable friends manage to find their way to rescuing Libra from what must be the most heavily guarded prison cell in the history of the universe. Not bad for an impling of a demon with absolutely no magical powers whatsoever.

There are battles and revelations-a-plenty, including a few wise words from El Hombre himself, in this the seventh instalment of Paul Sating’s Zodiac series. Things are really getting set in place for what looks to be one hell of a finale between our hero and demonic council that have tried to bump him off since he took the job.

For the uninitiated, Zeke is the only demon in the entire history of Hell that doesn’t possess any magical powers, so why the Supreme Council employed him to do their bidding, Satan only knows. Suffice to say a couple of his friends who can actually cast spells have been roped in to help save his butt from total annihilation at the first step. Before you step up to grab this book I suggest going all the way back to book 1 Bitter Aries (if you hurry on over to Amazon, you can currently pick it up for free) to truly experience the growth of this universe, these wonderful characters and their ongoing saga.

Paul Sating’s Zodiac series continues to surprise, inspire, and entertain me.

If you do go get free books, please leave a review on Amazon (even if it’s just a star rating) to help the author find their fans. Indie authors spend a vast amount of time and money to create their stories, and even if you don’t like it, there will be others for whom the story is amazing. Share the love.

I’d just like to say it’s great to be back after two years away from the keyboard. I would love to hear from you in the comments below about the books you love, the thought provoking articles you’ve read here on WP, what content you would like to see on here and if you’ve enjoyed Paul’s Zodiac novels, so feel free to add your thoughts.

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