Diary of a Madman Episode 4

That moral pedestal you preach from is nothing but a house of cards…

As always this story is full of trigger warnings such as bad language, violence, and murder. This story is a vehicle to highlight the many social issues such as domestic abuse, depression, and suicide that are prevalent in our society.

Consider yourself forewarned.

If you are dealing with any of the problems highlighted in this story, or know someone that is, then please either call the police emergency number if you’re in immediate danger, or your local police if not; they will be able to get you the help you need. 





I know what you’re thinking. You think you’re safe, don’t you?! That you aren’t the kind of asshole I might pick out of a crowd; you’re not like this wife beating piece of shit I’ve got my eye on. You’ve assured yourself there’s no way you’d ever be in my sights. You’re a good little citizen. You pay your taxes and go to bed at a sensible hour. You have “morals”… and because I’ve chosen this asshole, you’ve decided to project your morality onto me.

WRONG! Oh, so fucking wrong!

Your real problem is you’ve started identifying with me. You’ve started painting me as a victim of circumstance. Let me tell you, I’m no fucking victim! I made this bed, and I sleep like a baby in it. The last thing I need is your sympathy. I have a better moral compass than you can ever dream of having. Yes … me! The so-called “monster.” I know you think you’re better than me, but you’re not. 

You dress up your babies as Batman and Superman,

“Great fucking role models kids!”

You let your toddlers watch ninja turtles kick seven shades of shit out of people.

“Come on kids! Let’s all aspire to become vigilantes!”

You let your ten year olds onto the virtual battlefield, and your twelve year olds wander the digital streets to jack cars, and do drive-by’s. To shoot up snitches, and drug dealers; or just randomly beat hookers to a bloody pulp.

“The World is your oyster kids! Don’t let anyone get in your way!”

And why? All in the name of “entertainment”?! There’s a reason this shit has an age appropriate label stuck on it. But you just look straight past that so these digital babysitters can provide you with a little “space” to check your social media, or check in on all your friends who have such “rich, fulfilling lives!” Oh, the disappointment as you discover only a handful of people liked your ever-so-witty post. And then you feed your dissatisfaction by stuffing your fat fucking pie hole with take-out and “diet soda”; (as if that’s going to help?!)

Yet another awesome role model for future generations!

Perpetuate the problem, right? Oh,

but you’re never the problem, are you?

You have the audacity to step onto that moral pedestal and tell me I’m wrong. That people like me are the reason this planet is going to hell, why the world is so violent!

Wake the fuck up people.

I’m not the cause … I’m the cure!

What I’m trying to do here, is teach you the way life is. The lesson isn’t that fucking hard or, at least, it shouldn’t be. But if the only way of getting you to see it is to staple your fucking eyes open, I will!

Morals … don’t make me laugh. You’re not that far removed from this wife-beating piece of shit. In fact, I’d go as far to say that you are the cause, the catalyst, to people like him. You create these monsters because teaching your children takes too much time away from your selfish pursuits. You leave them to fend for themselves in this cesspit of a world, created by your own inanition. You are the reason I exist. You are the reason millions die each day while you put in your earbuds and drift off to La La Land, and dream of what could be, instead of getting off your fat fucking arse and making your dreams a reality.
So I pick out an arsehole who likes to think he’s god, and show him the error of his ways … there are millions of you just like him walking around out there, unquestioned by a society, who are too “nice” to say anything.

To “polite” to do something … anything.

So don’t go thinking you’re safe, because you’re not. You’re far from it!

You’re an asshole, and I always target the assholes. The only reason I haven’t choked you on your own cock yet is because there are more deserving wankers out there. Those that take it to the next level. Those that thrive on hurting people. You need to learn … and I’m here to teach … Don’t worry, I’ll get to you eventually.

No. This little prick likes the power, so let’s see what he’s like without it. Truth be told, I already know. I’ve consumed his type many times over. I guarantee the little boy he is picking on is stronger than him when the pain begins. This prick? No, he will wail like a baby, begging for his pitiful excuse of a life … he will literally piss himself with fear.

I will make him promise me that he will never hurt anyone again. Give him that glimmer of hope … and then I will make him hurt!

Watch that spark of hope fade from his eyes and turn to horror and, finally, regret as he realises he will NEVER hurt anyone again. This IS his final hour.

Nice and slow for this one if I can, if my plan isn’t interrupted; maybe slice him open and draw out his intestines.

I haven’t seen a slow death in such a long time. That’s always such a pleasure, seeing the expression of disbelief as they realize they’re still alive … even though their guts are literally spilled out in front of them.

Mother always told me to not play with my food.

Ha! That’s where all the fun is, ma!

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