Ice Mermaid

Author: M. C. Frank

Genre: Fantasy/ Romance

Love … True love … no matter how brief, is the most beautiful, and painful thing in the world.

Lorelei has turned the head of many a seafaring man over the centuries, such is the life of a siren, but this time it’s her cold heart that warms to the sight of a man. A man with only moments left in his life, as he plunges into the dark cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean from the sinking Titanic.

Ice Mermaid is a wonderful blend of classic romance and Greek mythology with a lovely twist on historical fact. With beautiful prose, this is a great little novella offering the reader a glimpse of what they can expect to discover in M. C. Frank’s Salt for Air.

If this piques your interest then I suggest diving in. You can get a copy, wherever you usually get your books, and if this doesn’t open up your heart to the work of M. C. Frank then I don’t know what will. Find her many romantic tales and blog over at Frank’s library of literary leanings.

Have you read this book? What did you think? Feel free to leave a comment, or recommend your favorite M. C. Frank stories below.

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