Angel Assassin

If ushering newly departed souls to the afterlife wasn’t a hard enough job, the extra workload laid at the feet of Revelation ‘Rev’ Carver from the Heavenly Council, would make even the jolliest of reapers rather Grim. 

Libra’s Liberation

They say you can’t keep a good demon down, or should that be ‘bad’? Either way, it’s always fun following Zeke as he stumbles his way around the underworld battling the powers that be just as much as his own emotions.

The Gemini Paradox

If you are expecting the usual light-hearted jaunt through various circles of hell, with our heroes chasing after wayward demons and inevitably bumbling their way to victory, think again; this is a darker kind of monster. This is almost a half-step back to Paul’s darker story days, (not a bad thing) and this story is …

TEN Part 1

Author: Sin Ribbon Genre: New Adult/ Young Adult/ Urban Fantasy I went into this novel with a little more trepidation than I care to admit. Firstly, it’s NA/YA. And as someone who doesn’t even qualify as a ‘thirtysomething’ any more, do I really want to sit here and cringe at days gone by? Secondly, ten …