Angel Assassin

If ushering newly departed souls to the afterlife wasn’t a hard enough job, the extra workload laid at the feet of Revelation ‘Rev’ Carver from the Heavenly Council, would make even the jolliest of reapers rather Grim. 

Libra’s Liberation

They say you can’t keep a good demon down, or should that be ‘bad’? Either way, it’s always fun following Zeke as he stumbles his way around the underworld battling the powers that be just as much as his own emotions.

Ice Mermaid

Author: M. C. Frank Genre: Fantasy/ Romance Love … True love … no matter how brief, is the most beautiful, and painful thing in the world. Lorelei has turned the head of many a seafaring man over the centuries, such is the life of a siren, but this time it’s her cold heart that warms …

The Valkyrie’s Last Flight

Now before I get more mail than Santa in December from those that get rather picky when someone uses the term ‘Pulp Fantasy’ (seriously, I get less hate when I use the word ㄘഉ∐ㆵ) ‘The Valkyrie’s Last Flight’ is written in pulp style, and it’s a fantasy story, ergo Pulp Fantasy.