Enter the Blockchain

Enter the Blockchain (Japan Book 1) by Brandon Chin could be an amazing, deeply spiritual and entertaining novel. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a great read, but I feel this story deserves to be a full length novel complete with all the minutiae, instead of a pulpesque montage.

A young Jamaican-Japanese woman who runs her own blockchain company to free Japanese sex workers from the abusive nature of the worlds oldest profession, sees her idea of power tested to the limit when a tsunami obliterates all that she knows. She escapes with a handpicked group of people, and is given the responsibility of crafting a new, post-apocalypse society based on her ideals of equality.

While I enjoyed this novella, I found myself screaming at my screen, not only because I had trouble loading it halfway through and had to swap from tablet to phone, (thanks to a kindle update of bug fixes no less) but because I wanted to feel every minute detail, every emotion, and every millisecond of this wonderful story at a slower pace.

As a reader we are pushed from pillar to post, from the here and now, to post apocalyptic survivalism, to futuristic science fiction, to prehistoric times, and then back again in an eclectic mix of genres which left me exhausted, yet strangely spiritually calm; it’s like the works of Confucius told by Tarantino.

This is the first story by Chin that I have read, and after looking at his back catalogue, it looks as though this chaotic, short story theme runs through them all. A mixture of spirituality, history, and science fiction, tackling real world problems such as climate change, gender identity, slavery, and corona virus. Thought provoking tales told in a multi-genre, pulpesque fashion.

Will I read more? Of course I will, but I fear many readers will be put off by the style. Nevertheless, it’s offered up on Amazon for free at the moment, and at just shy of 100 pages it won’t take you long to devour, so what do you have to lose?

One thing I will always ask of you if you do go get free books, is please leave a review on Amazon to help the author find their fans. The Author has spent a vast amount of time and money to create their story, and even if you don’t like it, there will be others for whom the story is amazing.

Have you read this of any of Brandon Chin’s work? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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