The Horn of Taurus

After enjoying the first of its kind ‘Bitter Aries’, a couple of months ago, I was more than happy to get my teeth into the second book of the Zodiac series, ‘The Horn of Taurus’, and wow it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Here we see Ezekiel and the gang doing the bidding of Lucifer’s Council once again, this time to stop a certain demon from becoming far too big for his breeches in the eighth circle of Hell.

The story of Ezekiel and Creed becomes deeper and richer in this story.  It also leaves us with more questions than answers as to the purpose of the most powerless demon in the history of the Underworld, and possibly the most powerful weapon of all creation, something I look forward to unraveling.

Our familiar characters have matured, well all except Ralrek, who according to one review I saw recently is still “a dick”, and we have a couple of new characters that make this story more vibrant than the first.  I am particularly fond of the bookstore and its owner Delphio. I can imagine many funny scenes (looking at you Black Books) taking place in possibly the smallest shop in the Underworld.

If you haven’t yet taken the time to enjoy Paul Sating’s Zodiac series, then I suggest you let your fingers wander over to where you normally purchase your fiction and snap up the first two now as book two is officially released today!

I’ve just had book three, ‘The Gemini Paradox’ land on my desk so I’m going to be devouring and reporting back to you soon … 

If you wish to learn more about Paul and his work, then why not take a look at the piece he wrote for me a few months ago, ‘In a Word … War’  

Are you enjoying Paul’s Zodiac series? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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