TEN Part 1

Author: Sin Ribbon

Genre: New Adult/ Young Adult/ Urban Fantasy

I went into this novel with a little more trepidation than I care to admit.

Firstly, it’s NA/YA. And as someone who doesn’t even qualify as a ‘thirtysomething’ any more, do I really want to sit here and cringe at days gone by?

Secondly, ten protagonists! How is the reader going to keep up with all these different voices? Will some of the characters fall by the wayside?

Thirdly (and more importantly), this is part one of a trilogy four books (more on that in a moment.) Is this going to be Act I, or is there going to be some sort of resolution to this part of the story? In short – Act I. No resolution.

Luckily I am fully aware of Sin’s storytelling abilities from her award winning audio drama In Her Burning, and previously reviewed short Philophobia, so I knew at the very least I would be treated to some beautiful prose; and I wasn’t disappointed. Sin uses words to create images as beautiful as she does with paint. If you haven’t seen her artwork, then please go and follow her Instagram account.

Part One, beautifully introduces the ten protagonists and their coming together, as well as showing us a glimpse of the perils they will ultimately face in the following parts; a perfectly painted first act.

It is because of the amount of protagonists that this first book could only ever be the first act of the story. Could this story work as a single book with a single protagonist? Sure, but then it would be just like another generic “Marvel superhero saves the world” story instead of this wonderfully rich tapestry that shows the coming together of ordinary people (okay, yes they also have powers) to vanquish the darkness; and for that, it makes this story all the more rich, all the more believable, and ultimately all the more rewarding.

So when I first heard of this story it was planned to be a trilogy. I have recently learned Part Two turned out to be so large that Sin has had to add another book to the mix. I look forward to reading “Part Four of the trilogy.” (If Douglas Adams can have five books in a trilogy…)

Ten, Part One beautifully introduces all the protagonists and their coming together, as well as showing us a glimpse of the perils they will ultimately face in the following parts. Initially I worried about the number of characters here, but Sin has crafted them together perfectly, no one gets left behind, and all are beautifully rich.

You can pick up Ten from wherever you get your books and I can’t recommend it enough!

Have you read this book yet? I would love to hear your comments on this wonderful book. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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