Angel Assassin

If ushering newly departed souls to the afterlife wasn’t a hard enough job, the extra workload laid at the feet of Revelation ‘Rev’ Carver from the Heavenly Council, would make even the jolliest of reapers rather Grim.  Between chasing down rogue demons that don’t seem to want to respect ‘The Balance’ between good and evil here on Earth, trying to find stolen heavenly artefacts, and training up a new familiar, it doesn’t do any favours for his soul, social calendar, or appetite.  In fact he’s up to his neck in the proverbial and is ready to quit!

This is it!  One final job.  Save the planet from destruction, and then Heaven owes him big time and he can hang up his scythe and break out the steak knives.

Rev Carver is the new star from Paul Sating’s Zodiac universe, and trust me, if you enjoy the adventures of Zeke and the crew, you’ll love this.

We find ourselves once again in the Zodiac universe and some might expect a ‘spin-off’ to be lacking from the original story lines, but not so here.  The Rev Carver series is for me even better, and dare I say even compliments the original series.  Paul has painted more wonderful characters into a great urban fantasy story, only this time from the perspective of Heaven.  

Miss this and miss out!  Revelation Carver is the filet mignon to Zeke’s chicken wings.

Angel Assassin is out now for your reading pleasure in all the usual places.

Have you been reading Paul’s Zodiac series? Have you read Angel Assassin? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

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